Skype is Down

If you use Skype you will most likely already realize that they have been having some outages. If you use this as your primary service, or you’ve worked it into an outage on Skype like this could be bad for business. It is funny how we get so used to the ability to communicate through an almost unfathomable number of options, this service being one of them. But when it goes offline and we are left to fend for ourselves for a couple of hours/days/____ (fill in the blank) it comes as a big shock. For those of you that want to read the official word from the corporate office here is the post from their blog:
We’re having some problems with our sign in server, so you may not be able to sign in to the Skype application or to your account as normal. [2009/01/21@1746UTC] If you’re already signed in to the Skype application on your computer or mobile phone, you should be able to call/IM/etc as normal. This is only affecting people who aren’t already signed in. [2009/01/21@1752UTC] Our forums are experiencing heavy traffic and so access may be slower than usual. Apologies! For more updates, watch this space or follow @skype on Twitter. [2009/01/12@2002UTC] We’ve made some changes which should improve things. Stand by!
On the twitter front, the Skype robot that is running the company’s account had an interesting tweet about the outage. Ok, it really wasn’t that interesting. Essentially all they had to say was:
Everything should be returning to normal now – we’re very sorry about what happened today. We’ll publish a more detailed explanation soon.
Well more on that soon I guess. 🙂 If you are still down then I guess you will already know it. All I can say is that, I am glad I am not fully reliant on Skype.

4 thoughts on “Skype is Down

  1. I use skype and this rarely the case, it should not be seen as the norm. I have experienced no great loss of communication, they are a nice service at a nice price.

  2. This happens to me every couple of months. It will go down for a spell and then runs again without problems. Oh well, that is what you get with new tech.

  3. Great article! This has also happened to me a couple of times. Once I got really pissed off and thought about switching bt they are cheap.

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