Lusk, Wyoming

Lusk Definition

Lusk, Wyoming

Lusk, read more to find out what it means

Here is a word that the ninja wasn’t familiar with. Lusk. The expression really is true that you learn something new ever day. And today that something new is the definition of lusk. Lusk basically refers to somebody that is lazy. As in lazy or slothful. But is can also be used as a noun, as in a lazy person, a lubber. In any event it has to do with somebody that is idle and not currently working. And both you and the ninja know people like that. Sadly enough it really isn’t that widely known, and if you were to use the word it would go over most people’s heads. The ninja also thought that it was funny, and worth mentioning that it is the name of a town in the U.S. and a County around Dublin, Ireland. No doubt the reason they were named that is because it was the home of some idle Lusk. And now you know the definition of Lusk. Have fun with it!

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