When are the Golden Globes 2010

Have the Golden Globes crept up on you this year? Now, you’re just dieing to know when the big even is going to take place. Well, don’t worry too much, the ninja is here to take care of you! And I am more than happy to answer your question: “When are the Golden Globes 2010?” Ok, are you ready for it? The Golden Globes will air Sunday, January 17, 2010, from 5-8 PM (PST) and 8-11 PM (EST). And new to the program this year they will air live on NBC from The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Wait that’s today! You are correct, and that means if you didn’t tune in, you’ve missed them. Sorry. You should have looked up when the 2010 Golden Globes were sooner. Now, it looks like you will have to wait until next year.