Bachelor Finale 2010

Well the Bachelor 2010 has ofically wrapped up, who did Jake Pavelka choose? Non other than Vienna Girardi and now all that is left is to tie the knot. Honestly, this show isn’t for the ninja, the tackiness of it is almost too much for TV. And the fact that Jake Pavelka family had to make an appearance on the show to help him “decide” on the right bride is sort of sick. Yes, you’ve read correctly, it turned the ninja’s stomach just a little at the thought. Isn’t it up to Mr. Bachelor to make the choice, this is the person he is going to be spending “the rest of his life” with. Or is she more like a new car, maybe it is better to have your friends and family come and give her a test drive before you can make your decision. What more can you ask for in relaity TV? Was the 2010 Bachelor finale worth getting excited for? I don’t know any one that did. RTV is pretty much the bottom of the barrels as far as the ninja is concerned. It is cheap to produce and it draws far more viewers than normal television shows. It is pretty much a bankable bet for the producers and if it is really popular… Well, they can sell the rights internationally. No American Idol wasn’t created here in the U.S. it was imported from Britian. Yay! Will Jake Pavelka and his “true love” Vienna Girardi stay together? Does any one really care?