Top 15 Celebrity Changelings

If you were going to get a staring role in a major Hollywood movie would you be willing to lose 70 lbs? How about gaining 70 lbs? No? Good, neither would the ninja. But that is probably why nobody has offered him one either. That and he prefers to work behind the scenes, preferably in the shadows. But that is the topic for another post. What we are going to focus on here is the dedication of the top actors and actresses show for their art. Their willingness to lose huge amounts of weight, or their willingness to gain it. How they bulk up for a role after they’ve starved themselves for another. A practice that was detrimental to Matt Damon’s health when he filmed Courage Under Fire. Let’s take a look at the Top 15 Celebrity Changelings. And we will get started with… 15 – George Clooney 14 – Jake Gyllenhaal 13 – Ryan Reynolds
12 – Hillary Swank 11 – Tom Hanks 10 – Jared Leto Is it just the ninja or does anyone else think that Jared looks a lot like Kevin Smith without a beard? 9 – Charlize Theron 8 – Russell Crowe
7 – Gerard Butler 6 – Benecio Del Toro 5 – Renee Zellweger 4 – Eric Bana 3 – Colin Farrell 2 – Matt Damon And the winner for the most drastic change in weight for a role goes to… 1 – Christian Bale For The Machinist Bale lost 70lbs in less than three months, putting him just over 100lbs. Six months later when he began filming Batman Begins he bulked up to 200lbs. For his ability to change so drastically and so rapidly for a role Christian Bale gets the number one spot.