Chrysalis Awards

Do you know a business in your area that does a lot for the community? The ninja knows a couple in his and he is thinking about nominating them for the Chrysalis Awards. If you haven’t heard of the Chrysalis Awards before let the ninja explain. The awards were created to honor the people and businesses that have had a positive impact on your local community. They were created as a joint project between the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Inc. and the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau. Wow, that is a mouth full. Let’s just call them VCB from here on out. What they do is collect nominations from people all across the country who have contributed in remodeling projects. And they are on the look out for people in your area. All nominations for the Chrysalis Awards are due in on March 12th. All memebers of the local business community are welcomed to partisipate regardless if they are directly linked to tourism or not. You can visit the official website to learn more about the event and see where it is being held in your state. Visit Chrysalis Awards.