10 Sports That Make You Cool

This is really not about making you cool. If you are actively practicing any of these then I tip my hat to you sir, but that isn’t the point of the post. Rather it is a collection of sports that I have gotten into over the years and compiled into a β€œtop 10” style list. And away we go.

10. Boxing

So boxing might just be one of the oldest sports I can think of off hand but that doesn’t mean that its boring. It just depends on who you watch fight. With a well balanced title match you generally get 12 rounds of decent fighting unless it ends earlier through K.O. Something I don’t have a problem with.

9. Skateboarding

Not the newest sport, and not the oldest either. This wouldn’t be a list of the 10 sports that make you cool if skateboarding had been excluded. So here is to all the vert and street style skaters out there. I give you place number 9.

8. Surfing

Going from guys that surf the streets to guys that surf the seas surfing and all of its derivative style comes in at place 8. You have to have some balls if you’re willing to surf through a tube of water that weighs tons. Because of that surfing beat out skateboarding. That and surfers get to rub their boards down with sex wax. πŸ˜‰

7. Snowboarding

What is it with sports with some sort of board under your feet. Oh yeah, it takes a lot of balance and concentration to keep from falling on you butt. If it didn’t everybody would be doing it and it wouldn’t be cool. Road rash and tons of water aside anybody that is willing to jump off the side of a mountain with only a board strapped on his feet has to get at least place number 7.

6. Mountain Climbing (Free Climbing)

And anybody that is willing to climb a mountain without any equipment can get no worse than place number 6. I think that there is getting to be a trend in the way I have rated these sport. But it might just be me. Lets take a look and see what place number 5 is.

5. Cliff Diving

No it is definitely a trend, first we have guys that like to climb up the sides of cliffs and mountains and next we have guys that like to dive off of them. But diving wouldn’t be enough would it? No these guys have to do a bunch of crazy ass flips and spins on their way down. If they didn’t get place number 5 it would have been an insult.

4. Parcour

What isn’t to love about this sport? If you have a pair of good shoes and the guts to run through the urban jungle like a mad man then you’re all set. Parcour has all of the makings of a classic sport. But it is still pretty young. This is one of the factors I had to take into consideration when I was making this list. If it has the staying power like other border sports have had it will be taking first place in future revisions of this list. For now it has to settle for forth.

3. Free Riding

Don’t know what this is? Go ahead and look it up on Wikipedia. :p No it doesn’t have anything to do with finances. Actually this sport if very close to Pacour and Free Running. But instead of running around you’re riding a bike. I gave this one third because of the added danger involved with riding a bike through the streets and forest tricking off the environment. Why you ask? Well have you even had to have the proctologist remove a bicycle from sensitive parts of the body when you wipe out? No? Neither have I.

2. Wingsuit Flying

These lucky bastards not only get to jump out of planes but they get to fly (sort of). The only thing is not cool about this sport is that they have some dumb ass suits. Sorry but it is because of the suits you didn’t score the coveted number 1 spot!

1. Combat Sports

This includes things like MMA and K1. I don’t care how you mix it, they have to be some of the coolest and oldest sports ever. Don’t think they are sports? They have a ring and that makes them enough of a sport for me. Maybe I am biased because I am watching some K1 as I type this, but combat sports take the number 1 place for the top 10 sports that make you cool. What are some of the sports that you have played or think weren’t represented here on this list. Leave and comment and your opinion.