Howard Stern Early Show

If you know who Howard Stern is you know he isn’t ready for prime time, let alone as the host of the popular TV show American Idol. But guess what, he may just be replacing Simon Cowell. While the ninja can see this, both Cowell and Stern have a way with words, still it may be a trade off CBS isn’t able to handle. Especially if they were to put him in the Morning Show. As we have come to expect from Howard Stern he is adding fuel to the fire with by insulting everyone connected to the “karaoke show” as he calls it. The main targets of Howard’s tongue are Simon, Ellen and Ryan Seacrest. The most resistance is coming from Ellen, who feels his “being considered” to replace Simon as a judge is a poor choice. Actually, it is much more than that. “Ellen is not in favor” of im joining the show at all. But does she really have that much to say? Ellen DeGeneres is making her American Idol debut tonight, which means if Howard Stern takes the role on the early show she won’t have much more seniority. Apparently Ellen is taking the show more seriously than either the current loud mouth host and his possible replacement Howard Stern. She is a very organized person, and with the large amount of hosting duties she has on her plate things had to be moved around. When she got to the Hollywood set for the first day’s filming she was left waiting. Simon was nowhere to be seen and he eventually came in late. Will Howard do any better, probably not but the outcome would probably be much different. So we can be sure than at least one person out there doesn’t want Howard Stern to jump into prime time TV and take on the role of judge. What do you think? The ninja doesn’t really care, he doesn’t watch the show and whoever takes the vacancy is fairly irelavent. The only reason people watch the show is to enjoy some really bad singing.