Paczki Day

Everyone is familiar with Mardi Gras, also referred to as Fat Tuesday. In fact a large part of the world celebrates Mardi Gras in one for or another. But what about Paczki Day? Haven’t you ever heard of Paczki Day before? Neither had the ninja, be he was really enjoying saying outload and that is the reason for this post. Hint, it is pronounced like POON-check. If you’re Catholic, or have Chatholic friends you will know that they have one last big celebration before Lent. With that little piece of information you now have everything you need to know for Paczki Day. I was guessing that it was Polish when I first read the word but I had know where they celebrated it. Packi Day was first celebrated in the US by Polish immigrants, and was brought to cities lie Chicago, Detroit, Hamtramck and New York. Hamtramck? Wait is that even in the US? It sure is, actually the city has about 21,500 residents and entirely surrounded by Detroit. So in fact you could say that it is Detroit. A long time ago Hamtramck was mostly populated by Polish immigrants, however, in grew to be the home of African-Americans, Bangladeshis, young white professionals and Yemenis. The city organizes the celebration, and the local Polish bakeries bake traditional paczki for the occasion. The ninja wishes everyone a Happy Paczki Day in Hamtramck!