Push Up Equipment That Kicks So Much Ass

I am a push up sort of guy, they are the base for all of my exercise routines. I love them because they don’t just work out the chest and arms, but also the stomach and abs. With that said I can serve up 75 normal push ups, no problem. Recently I got the Power Trainer Elite. And yeah it looks a little silly and I agree it doesn’t seem like much, I thought all of these things myself. Then I tried it. The first day I was only able to do 25 of each push up type. And then I was dead. My whole chest hurt like crazy and my biceps felt like jelly. After that I knew that the Power Trainer Elite was for real. For a little over a month now I have been using it religiously. The draw backs, well I haven’t tried it for chin ups of any sort. It feels strong enough when you place it in the door frame , still, I don’t want to scuff up the wall where the black rubber sits. And more importantly I don’t want to screw up the drywall when I start going at it. Also the center hand grips were a pain the in… Neck to get on. Even after I lubed them up. The rest goes together like nothing. Even a three year old could put it together. The great thing about it is that I am seeing gains now that I never did with normal push ups. I still curl, and lift some weights but all in all Power Trainer Elite would be everything you needed for casual beer bell maintenance. Try it, you’ll love it. P.S. Just a word of warning before you try it. Go easy on it, even if you’re in shape you can over use Power Trainer Elite. I did a couple of times now.