Venereal Disease – Love is in the Air

Today is Valentine’s Day and the ninja just waned to take the opportunity and talk to you about VD. That’s right, the little topic that many people don’t put much thought into, and then they are left with a less than attractive keepsake from one bad move. If you are intimate you should know your partner, however, if there you are suspicion that there is a chance they might have venereal disease. If there is a possibility or a suspicion they may have VD you need to take precautions, this includes the direct route, simply ask them. If they are keeping something from you then you need to question their feelings for you. It may be due to embarrassment but it can also be something more sinister and that isn’t something you don’t want to risk. If they have a history of cheating don’t put your health or life at jeopardy. Make sure your Valentine’s Day is a happy and healthy one. Enjoy a movie, eat some chocolate, in other words make this a happy VD, and make sure that is the only thing the abbreviation stands for.