George Bush Wipes Hand on Bill Clinton (VIDEO)

Ok, the ninja saw this the other day, that is yesterday, and he thought about posting it then. The reason he did was there were people to see and parties to go to. At any rate this was just too funny to let pass by. The video was taken a couple of days ago, former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton stopped by Haiti to drum up more support. While the ninja full agrees with this action he has to wonder if Bush really wanted to go see the Haitians. The answer is probably not. While Bill Clinton seems completely at home, talking and shaking hands with the people on the street George Bush… Is less than thrilled. Just watch as (circa 45 seconds into the film) George Bush shakes hands with somebody in the crowd only to pull his hand back, make a slightly gay wave and then… Look for some place, any place to wipe the dirt. Dude, next time you’re in front of the camera don’t wipe it on another ex-President. If you have to wipe George you need to be more subtle. I think that Kanye really was right, you don’t like black people do you? You can imagine what the ninja thinks of this. Bill is cool in the ninja’s book, George he’d rather forget. Here is the video of George Bush wiping his hand on Bill Clinton’s back. “sic