USA vs Canada Gold Medal Game Live

The Olympics are coming to a close, today is the final day. And that means there is still one important game left to play. USA vs Canada gold medal game. And this is definitely one that you are going to want to watch live. One of the two games before the closing ceremony this is expected to be exciting. The USA’s men’s hockey team has played some amazing games in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Most notably against Russia and Finland. Hopefully they will be able to preform the same way today. The game starts at 12:15 pm Pacific Time and will be shown live on NBC. This will be the final event where medals will be awarded so you don’t want to miss it! Both the tames from the USA and Canada have played some amazing games and they will definitely make an effort to gain the upper hand as soon as possible. Ron Wilson said earlier that “It’s hard to beat a team twice in a tournament like this,” still “we’ve beaten Canada, and we’ll play better than we did the last time we played against them.” If the American team can beat Canada they will break their current streak of bringing home silver. If not this will be the second time the U.S. hockey team takes silver in the last three Olympic games. Eight years ago Canada beat them on their home turf in Salt Lake City. Now it is our turn!