Paczki Calories

If you saw my previous post about Paczki Day you will know how delicious paczkis look. But are they good for you, can you eat them without guilt? The ninja can but some of you might be worried about the calories in paczkis. The treat usually weighs in at around 5-ounces, not that heavy, but us brings a lot of calories with it. The average paczki has roughly 500 calories, but that can peak at 700 calories. If you pick the diet filling you can possibly get the count down to 300. As for fat, they usually contain 22-27 grams. But since it is a way to celebrate before Lent starts it isn’t, too bad. You can see it as a way to get ready for fasting, if you eat these calorie bombs before you fast you won’t be ready for anything sweet for a while. Just don’t eat too many of them and you will be fine.