Paczki Calories

If you saw my previous post about Paczki Day you will know how delicious paczkis look. But are they good for you, can you eat them without guilt? The ninja can but some of you might be worried about the calories in paczkis. The treat usually weighs in at around 5-ounces, not that heavy, but us brings a lot of calories with it. The average paczki has roughly 500 calories, but that can peak at 700 calories. If you pick the diet filling you can possibly get the count down to 300. As for fat, they usually contain 22-27 grams. But since it is a way to celebrate before Lent starts it isn’t, too bad. You can see it as a way to get ready for fasting, if you eat these calorie bombs before you fast you won’t be ready for anything sweet for a while. Just don’t eat too many of them and you will be fine.

Venereal Disease – Love is in the Air

Today is Valentine’s Day and the ninja just waned to take the opportunity and talk to you about VD. That’s right, the little topic that many people don’t put much thought into, and then they are left with a less than attractive keepsake from one bad move. If you are intimate you should know your partner, however, if there you are suspicion that there is a chance they might have venereal disease. If there is a possibility or a suspicion they may have VD you need to take precautions, this includes the direct route, simply ask them. If they are keeping something from you then you need to question their feelings for you. It may be due to embarrassment but it can also be something more sinister and that isn’t something you don’t want to risk. If they have a history of cheating don’t put your health or life at jeopardy. Make sure your Valentine’s Day is a happy and healthy one. Enjoy a movie, eat some chocolate, in other words make this a happy VD, and make sure that is the only thing the abbreviation stands for.

Push Up Equipment That Kicks So Much Ass

I am a push up sort of guy, they are the base for all of my exercise routines. I love them because they don’t just work out the chest and arms, but also the stomach and abs. With that said I can serve up 75 normal push ups, no problem. Recently I got the Power Trainer Elite. And yeah it looks a little silly and I agree it doesn’t seem like much, I thought all of these things myself. Then I tried it. The first day I was only able to do 25 of each push up type. And then I was dead. My whole chest hurt like crazy and my biceps felt like jelly. After that I knew that the Power Trainer Elite was for real. For a little over a month now I have been using it religiously. The draw backs, well I haven’t tried it for chin ups of any sort. It feels strong enough when you place it in the door frame , still, I don’t want to scuff up the wall where the black rubber sits. And more importantly I don’t want to screw up the drywall when I start going at it. Also the center hand grips were a pain the in… Neck to get on. Even after I lubed them up. The rest goes together like nothing. Even a three year old could put it together. The great thing about it is that I am seeing gains now that I never did with normal push ups. I still curl, and lift some weights but all in all Power Trainer Elite would be everything you needed for casual beer bell maintenance. Try it, you’ll love it. P.S. Just a word of warning before you try it. Go easy on it, even if you’re in shape you can over use Power Trainer Elite. I did a couple of times now.